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Two weeks to go… and the team is ready

Ellen Shepherd (2013)

In about two weeks time, the Thórsmörk Trail Volunteers return to Langidalur for their second summer season. Ahead of us are 5 months of camping and practical conservation work… and maybe some adventures in Thórsmörk!

This summer, over 60 international volunteers have signed-up to join us. Registration is now completed, (apart from the last few stragglers) and this season we hope to complete more than 200 weeks of trail maintenance and erosion control work throughout the area. We are especially excited about hosting our new 2-week placements. Created and developed last winter, this short-term “free volunteering” programme will be running for the first time this season. Our little programme continues to evolve.

Our training and induction week for team leaders will take place at Langidalur in May following an initial period of preparations and survey work to create this summer’s task list. Everything will be in place in time for the arrival of our first volunteer teams on June 1st.

It is very exiting to be returning to Langidalur, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our volunteers and getting started!

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