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Sunshine at Monkton Wyld Court

Our weekend pre-summer planning meeting recently took place at Monkton Wyld Court, a sustainable community in Dorset, UK. It was our first activity outside Iceland and the aim of the meeting was to gather together people who will be joining us this summer, to answer questions and explain our plans. We were able to catch up with old friends as well as get to know some of the volunteers who will be joining us in Thórsmörk for the first time this season. We were also able to finalise details of the leaders training week that will take place in Thórsmörk in May. The last stages of preparation for volunteers joining us this season will take place in our forum;

Our meeting took the form of a weekend of practical conservation and organic gardening. On Saturday our work included cutting willow, clearing out a stream and processing fire wood. On Sunday the team worked in the gardens, digging and preparing for potatoes and experimenting with the harrow. We do hope that experiencing the human harrow team didn’t put anyone off too much, and we look forward to seeing everyone again this summer in Thórsmörk.

We would like to thank the community at Monkton Wyld Court for hosting the meeting, for their support and friendship, and for the extremely good food!

More pictures from the weekend.


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