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Returning volunteers

Our returning volunteers are a hugely valued part of the Trailteam programme and we are delighted to welcome back so many of our volunteers each season. Returning volunteers play an important role in practical skills development and leadership within the teams. 

Returning in 2023
This season, placements for returning volunteers are available from May 21st – September 2nd. We are looking for participants who can join us for 3+ weeks though a limited number of shorter placements are also available. Returning volunteers may choose between joining our teams in either Langidalur or Básar. We are also looking for experienced volunteers to take on leadership roles within the teams.

It is important to note that conditions in early and late season can be quite cold and wet. It is therefore very important that participants are ready for the challenge and make sure that they bring suitable personal equipment with them (including a sturdy tent, plenty of warm layers of clothing and good waterproofs).

How to Apply
It is not necessary to complete an application form if you have worked with our Trailteams before. To take part in 2023, simply contact us by email with the dates you request and details about the particular group that you like to join,

Applications are open between December 15th – January 31st. Please note that places are limited, and that priority will be given to returners who apply before the end of December.

Additional placement information can be found in our Volunteer Guide. 

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