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Trailteam summer adventures

The teams are now almost ready and we will soon be heading back to Thórsmörk for another summer of Trailteam adventures. This season we plan to host approximately 40 international volunteers in our 3 and 6-week teams and our volunteer camps will open for the first arrivals in May.

Gathering the teams is the highlight of our winter work and it has been very exciting to meet many new volunteers as well as catch up with old friends who are planning to join us again. As always, we have put together an ambitious summer programme and we are very much looking forward to returning for our tenth season in Thórsmörk and Goðaland.

Despite some ongoing uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we remain cautiously optimistic that our plans will go ahead and that we will be able to return to the trails in May.

We are now coming to the end of our search for volunteers for 2022. Applications will close at the end of Monday, January 31st so if you are thinking about joining us, please do get in touch.

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