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Last chance to join us this summer – applications closing soon!

We have now reached the last few days of applications for our 2017 trail teams. This month we have been busy with placement planning and Skype interviews and although many of the places have now been allocated, we do still have some places available in several of the groups.

As our work area and number of teams increased last season, we have expanded our Operations team and created several new places for additional volunteer leaders. Applications will close on Tuesday, January 31st, so if you would like to join us, don’t delay!

No previous experience of trail construction work is necessary as practical training will be provided. We are looking for participants who have some experience of camping and hill walking, enjoy wilderness landscapes and are ready for a challenge. Iceland’s notoriously changeable weather means that our teams have to be well prepared with warm clothing, good waterproofs and sturdy tents. Due to the strenuous nature of our work, participants must be physically fit and as many of our work sites are in remote locations; we do a lot of hiking to get to them!

Full details and application forms…

Volunteer application update… Interviews and allocations

We are now in our second week of Skype interviews and progress has been good. We are steadily working through all the application and we have now allocated the first places. Further Skype interviews are planned throughout the next two weeks.

It is an exciting time as the summer teams are starting to take shape. Places are filling quickly so if you would like to join us this summer, don’t delay!

The final deadline for volunteer applications for this season is January 31st.

Volunteer application update… placement allocations begin next week!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us about places with our 2017 teams.

We have been busy reading through all the applications and it has been great to hear from so many people who have worked with us before.  We will begin Skype interviews and placement allocations on January 3rd and the final date for applications is January 31st.

We expect that the groups will fill up quickly so if you would like to join us, don’t miss your chance! Don’t delay sending us your application form. Full placement details can be found on our homepage…

Best New Year wishes to all!

Volunteers wanted – The search for volunteers for our 2017 teams begins today!

Details and application forms for our 2017 volunteer programme are now available.

We are looking for international volunteers to join us for two or six-week placements as well volunteer leaders to join our Operations team. No previous experience of trail construction is necessary as training will be provided. Participants organise their own travel plans and join us at the meeting point in Thórsmörk. There is no participation fee.

Applications will be open from December 15th to January 31st.
Full details can be found at

Back to work… Summer 2017 placement dates available next week

We are now back to work and busy preparing the programme for 2017.

Next week, our search for volunteers begins and once again we will be looking for volunteers to join us for 2-week or 6-week placements. We have conservation work projects planned throughout Thórsmörk and Goðaland as well as trail maintenance tasks on sections of the Laugavegurinn trail close to Emstrur, Hvanngil and Álftavatn. We will also be looking for volunteer team leaders to join our Operations team for 7 and 9-week placements.

The work we have planned for 2017 includes a variety of practical nature conservation tasks, but as always we will focus on repairing and marking the area’s hiking trails. We accept volunteers from all over the world though participants must be 20+ years old. Experience of nature conservation work is not necessary but we are looking for people who are prepared for the challenge of camping and working in these areas with their basic living conditions, remote locations and changeable weather. Volunteers organise and pay for their travel to Iceland but our programme has no participation fee.

Full placement information including project dates and application forms will be available here on December 15th. Although applications will remain open throughout January, we will begin to allocate places as soon as we find suitable applicants. If you would like to join us next summer, please don’t delay sending us your application. Allocations will start on January 2nd and the closing date for applications is January 31st. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to a Skype interview.


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