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Trailteam in Goðaland

In summer 2014, a volunteer camp was established at Básar so that we could host additional teams and improve access to work sites on the hiking trails in Goðaland. Facilities are basic but include a group tent for cooking and eating together as well as a large timber framed tent used for storing food and equipment. Our volunteers usually stay for two weeks and camp in the surrounding forest.

The volunteer work is organised in close cooperation with Útivist travel association who support our teams and provide facilities for them at Básar. Our simple forest camp at Básar is much loved by the volunteers and we look forward to returning to continue our work there in June.

As well as returning to some of our favourite project sites on Réttarfell and the popular trails close to Básar, this season we will also start restoration work on several new sites on remote sections of the Fimmvörðuháls trail. This summer we will also focus on improved trail marking in Goðaland, continuing the trail marker numbering system on more trails in the area.

This is the final day of applications for volunteer placements for the 2020 season.
Full details including placement dates and application forms can be found on our website…

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