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Counting down to the summer…

Although the snow still covers Thórsmörk and Goðaland, our work season begins in just eight weeks time with preparations at our Langidalur base camp at the start of May (weather permitting). We have been busy with planning and recruitment since Christmas and are very excited about returning to Thórsmörk and getting back on the trails.

This year, our programme has been extended and the first volunteers are scheduled to arrive on May 10th. As well as returning to many familiar project sites to complete maintenance tasks, we will be focusing on more long-range projects this season so that we can complete necessary work on several new sites in remote locations.

As our teams make their plans and preparations before joining us, we would like to invite all participants to take a look at our Volunteer pages, where they can find additional information about the project, equipment required and travel details as well as meet the other members of the teams. The response to our placement adverts has been overwhelming this season and we would like to thank everybody who has contacted us about the programme.

We are very much looking forward to another Thórsmörk summer!

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