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Summer dreaming…

Ellen Shepherd (2013)

So we have now allocated almost all of our volunteer places and summer preparations are well underway. After all the planning and interviews this winter, it is quite hard to believe that we will be back in Langidalur and setting up camp in about eight weeks time!

As well as recruiting the team this winter, we have been busy working on a few changes to the programme for next season. One of the most important new developments is the establishment of our new “short-term placements” so that volunteers can join the teams for 2 weeks and take part in the ongoing projects. This season, for the first time, we are recruiting all of our volunteers ourselves.

Another new development that we are very excited about, is the establishment of our new “long-range trail team” that will work on remote sites in Thórsmörk and along the Laugavegur Trail. The use of wilderness camps will allow our teams to access several new worksites on sections of the trails that have seen little repair work in the past. To reduce travel time, our teams will stay for up to three nights at wilderness camps before returning to the relative comfort of the Langidalur base camp. Long-range places will be offered to the team as projects are planned, they will be optional and will of course depend on suitable weather conditions.

The Langidalur base camp will open again in May. We will have a couple of weeks to get everything ready and several improvements are planned. The most significant of these is setting up drying facilities for our clothing and equipment. This was a huge challenge for everyone last season (especially in June) and every effort is being made to find a good solution for this summer. Ummm… dry boots!

Our challenge is to have everything ready for June 1st and we are very much looking forward to getting started.

Still waiting for a place…
We will be reviewing our team allocations on March 15th to find out how many last minute places are available. We will then contact everyone on the waiting list to let them know about possible places. We would like to complete the groups and finalise the team by April 1st. Thanks for your patience.

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