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Iceland Weekly Report – Weeks 4, 5 and 6

Cutting forest materials for our trail repair work in August
– From a blog by one of our team.

Leaf whispers

Since the weather improved and the sun begun to shine in the beginning of week 4 of my training period, time is flying by really fast and there’s not enough time for me to write about events as they happen. In the past weeks I’ve been doing a lot of different things, it seems like I learn a new thing every day. Here is a short summary of my activities:

Week 4:

In the 4th week of my training period I’ve learned how to drive different tractors and make firewood with a splitting machine. I’ve begun to learn practical work with the chainsaw (from the thinning champion of Iceland!) and chainsaw maintenance. I’ve also been driving the pick-up truck a lot and did some brush cutting. On the weekend I’ve stayed in Thjorsardalur and helped with various tasks (collecting fares, maintenance etc.) on the Forest service’s campsite.

A video of…

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