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Returning for our ninth Trailteam season in Thórsmörk

Our ninth Trailteam season has now begun and we are expecting our first international volunteers to join us at the Langidalur camp today.

Despite international travel restrictions and ongoing uncertainty, we intend to go ahead with all of our planned projects and are hopeful that many of our volunteers will still be able to join us. Heavy rain in recent weeks has left us with plenty of maintenance tasks on the trail network and we are eager to get started this week.

We will begin with the opening the Langidalur volunteer camp and then focus on maintenance and repairs to water damage on the main trails. This early season start means that there is time to survey the trail network and plan work projects ahead of the arrival of our main volunteer teams in June.

Weather conditions in Thórsmörk have been excellent during the last few days, cold with bright sunshine and just the occasional snow shower.

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