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Student “conservation days” in Thórsmörk this summer…

International school hiking groups are a familiar site in Thórsmörk during the summer months, as they complete the Laugavegurinn hiking trail. This season, groups from the organisation World Challenge will be stopping-off to join our volunteer teams in Langidalur for a series of nature conservation days.

These groups are a welcome boost to our planned summer activities. The aim of these days is to include visiting school groups in environmental protection work in the area and to introduce them to practical conservation tasks. Projects will be guided by Forest Service (Skógrækt ríkisins) staff and volunteer team leaders who will work alongside the groups.

 As well as hands-on work, the groups will learn about nature conservation in Iceland, explore the area and experience life at our volunteer base camp. This season, the teams will focus on erosion control work as well as the on going trail maintenance tasks. The activities will give participants an insight into the management of nature conservation areas in Iceland.

We are very excited about this new partnership and very much look forward to working with the World Challenge teams this summer.

Langidalur volunteer base camp

Sunshine in Langidalur this week…

The Langidalur volunteer base camp was established by the Icelandic Forest Service (Skógrækt ríkisins) in 2013 and is the home of the Thórsmörk Trail Volunteers. Our base camp hosts a team of up to 16 international volunteers throughout the summer. The camp is also used to support our long-range teams who work on remote sites throughout the area.

Summer team ready

Finally, we have completed our search for volunteers for the summer and this week we are finishing the interviews and placement allocations.

We have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest and the number of applications that we have received. However places are limited and it has been a real challenge to make the selection. It is very nice to have so many volunteers return to Thórsmörk to join us for a second season.

As we are now allocating the last places and waiting lists have been crated for the teams, unfortunately we cannot consider further applications for this summer.

Each season, our search for volunteers begins in mid-December and runs for six weeks. The deadline for applicants is at the end of January.

Pre-departure meetings for our team

Tomorrow’s application deadline will be followed by a final round of interviews and placement allocations in February. Once these are completed, our attention will turn to preparing the team and organising the summer projects.

This season, we will invite all new participants to pre-departure Skype meetings that will take place 4-6 weeks before the placements start. These meetings are an opportunity to discuss travel plans and equipment as well as any other details. They will help to answer any last minute questions and ensure that all participants are prepared for their visit, and ready for their adventures in Thórsmörk.

Applications remain open throughout January 31st – Full placement details and application forms

Pictures from last summer

During a brief break from volunteer interviews…

We have gathered together our favorite online photos from last season and published them in an album on Pinterest.

Great memories of some amazing adventures with an excellent team!


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