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Our first volunteers of 2016 are on their way…

The start of May is always a very exciting time for us, the first volunteers of the season arrive tomorrow to help with preparations at our Langidalur and Básar camps. We have a two week deadline to get everything ready before the start of our leaders training course and the arrival of the first teams.

Planned work for the first week includes tree planting and painting the volunteer hut at the Langidalur camp and constructing a new tent platform for our volunteers at Básar. Our second week will focus on data gathering, mapping  and survey work on the trails as well as cutting the trees that were damaged during the winter.

Our summer start now…

Happy first day of summer!

Last call for returning volunteers!

This year we have a series of special 2-week projects open to experienced volunteers who have worked with us before. Before we close applications for this season, we wanted to make a last call for participants…

The projects follow our regular 2-week placement format but are particularly challenging because of their timing (early or late season) or location.

  • Sign making and mapping (08/05 – 21/05)
  • Long-range trail team (10/07 – 23/07)
  • GPS data gathering and trail mapping (28/08 – 10/09)

These placements are open to any volunteers who have worked with us before. If you are interested in joining us again or finding out more about the projects, please get in touch;

The final deadline for applications in April 23rd so don’t delay!

Pre-departure meetings begin

Today we began pre-departure Skype meetings with volunteers who will be joining us in Thórsmörk this summer. This first round is for everyone joining us in May and June.

The aim of these meetings is to make sure everyone is fully prepared for the placements. As well as final details about travel and the meeting point, these meetings include a discussion about required equipment and the conditions at the camps. It is also a perfect opportunity to answer any last minute questions that our volunteers may have. A second round of meetings for all other participants (arriving in July and August) will be arranged later in the season.

We have timed these first meetings to fit in before we head up to the Langidalur base camp later this month, as Skype contact from there can be difficult. If you are joining our teams in May or June, please get in touch to arrange a meeting this week and get your questions ready.

Student “conservation days” in Thórsmörk this summer…

International school hiking groups are a familiar site in Thórsmörk during the summer months, as they complete the Laugavegurinn hiking trail. This season, groups from the organisation World Challenge will be stopping-off to join our volunteer teams in Langidalur for a series of nature conservation days.

These groups are a welcome boost to our planned summer activities. The aim of these days is to include visiting school groups in environmental protection work in the area and to introduce them to practical conservation tasks. Projects will be guided by Forest Service (Skógrækt ríkisins) staff and volunteer team leaders who will work alongside the groups.

 As well as hands-on work, the groups will learn about nature conservation in Iceland, explore the area and experience life at our volunteer base camp. This season, the teams will focus on erosion control work as well as the on going trail maintenance tasks. The activities will give participants an insight into the management of nature conservation areas in Iceland.

We are very excited about this new partnership and very much look forward to working with the World Challenge teams this summer.

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