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Out on the trails today…

Our trail surveys began with a hike in the sunshine on Valahnúkur today.

The trails are looking good after the winter, but there are plenty of exciting tasks ready for our Trailteams who will be joining us soon.

Returning to Langidalur

We arrived back in Langidalur in time for the first day of summer.

This first trip of the season is our chance to start a survey of trail conditions after the winter and to deliver equipment and supplies ahead of our first volunteer teams who will be joining us in May. It is very exciting to be back on on the trails and we are looking forward to our Trailteam summer.

Getting ready for summer

This week we have escaped the office and returned to our practical work, getting ready for our Trailteam summer in Thórsmörk and Goðaland.

Following a busy winter of preparations, our teams are now ready and we are looking forward to getting back to work on the trails next month.

As usual, the season has begun at our workshop at the Thjórsárdalur Forestry Station (pictured) where we are preparing equipment and materials for our summer volunteer teams.

That day last summer…

Pictures from our visit to the volcanic eruption in Reykjanes.

Last August, we took a short break from the trail work so that we could go and see the ongoing volcanic eruption. The day trip for our team of 18 volunteers was made possible by our friends at This is Iceland, who have supported our work in Thórsmörk since we began more than ten years ago.

It was great to share the experience with our team and it was a truly memorable day for us all.

Langidalur calling

Pictures from our Langidalur Volunteer camp.

We look forward to returning to Thórsmörk and Goðaland in April to begin our preparations for the summer work programme. Earlier in February, there was still a lot of snow at our our camp. Weather conditions in the spring can have a huge effect on the trails and we will carry out surveys when we arrive back to decide where to focus our work for this season.

These pictures were taken by our friends at the Volcano Huts in Húsadalur.


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