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08, Weather conditions in Thórsmörk

Thórsmörk’s sheltered location means that the area can often enjoy calmer and warmer weather conditions that elsewhere in south Iceland. Despite this however, Iceland’s weather is notoriously changeable and even during the summer months our teams can sometimes face challenging conditions. It is important that our volunteers are well prepared and bring suitable clothing and equipment with them (see our equipment and clothing page).

Thórsmörk weather forecast

Average max/min daily temperatures (°C)
Data taken from Thórsmörk weather statisics

April:  5.3° / 1.4°
May:  8° / 4.2°
June:  10.1° / 6.4°
July:  11.8° / 8.3°
August:  11.6° / 8.3°
September:  9.3° / 6°

Travel conditions in Iceland
Volunteers who are travelling independently before or after their placements, can check on travel conditions on The Icelandic Road Administartion website.

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