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01, How to apply

To apply for a volunteer placement with our Trailteams, simply complete one of the online application forms. To help us with selection, please include information about your interest in the project, your motivation for joining us and details about your training or practical experience that may be relevant to the role. Placement outlines, dates and application forms can be found on our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Application deadline
Applications are open from December 15th – January 31st. Interviews begin as applications reach us in December and placement allocations begin at the start of January. Due to the limited number of available placements, it is an advantage to apply early as the teams can quickly fill up.

Applying with friends
It is possible to apply for volunteer placements along with people you know. Please include this in the space provided on the application form so that we know where applications are linked. If you wish to be allocated a place in the same team as a friend, please indicate this on the application form.

Returning volunteers
Volunteers who have worked with our teams before do not need to complete an application form. Returning volunteers may apply by email which should include information about preferred dates and role within the team. Please note that due to the relatively small size of the programme, the number of placements for Returning volunteers is limited. Application information for Returning volunteers.

Placement interviews
Applicants who are shortlisted for places are invited to an interview using either WhatsApp or Zoom. This provides an opportunity to discuss the placement in greater detail and answer any questions that might arise. We recommend that applicants read through the Volunteer guide in preparation for the interview. Placement interviews usually take 30-45 minutes.

Placement offers
Placement offers are usually made within 2-3 days of completing the interviews. Applicants may then take a further few days to decide if they wish to accept the placement offer and move on to the registration process.

Volunteer Registration
Our Volunteer Registration Form is used to gather important information about participants. As well as emergency contact details, it includes information about dietary requirements and health related issues. A travel plan and travel insurance should be in place before completion of the Registration Form. This confirms your placement.

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