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07, Getting to the meeting point in Thórsmörk

Iceland_road_sign_D09.22.svgWe will meet the team and begin the project in Thórsmörk at 12:00 on the placement start day. The easiest way to get from Reykjavik to Thórsmörk is with the Reykjavik Excursions bus which runs each day in the summer months (bus no. HB01). The bus departs from the Reykjavik BSÍ Coach Terminal. We recommend that you do not buy bus tickets until you receive your final details email, so that we can let you know about any possible discounts for our volunteers.

At the end of the placement, the bus arrives back in Reykjavik at approximately 19:30.

Reykjavik Excursions Thórsmörk bus timetable

Important: When organising flights, most of our volunteers will need to +1 day to the start and end of the placements.

  • The Thórsmörk buses leave Reykjavik very early in the morning on the placement start day, so most volunteers stay overnight in Reykjavik before travelling to Thórsmörk.
  • At the end of the placement the bus returns to Reykjavik in the evening. Due to changing road and river crossing conditions in the Thórsmörk area, delays to scheduled bus times are possible. Most volunteers stay in Reykjavik on the placement end date to ensure they have plenty of time to get to their flight.

Alternative travel plans
Some participants may prefer an alternative travel plan and not join the the Reykjavik Excursions bus from Reykjavik. Volunteers may make alternative travel arrangements, but please note that we would like everyone to meet us at the volunteer camp at 12:00 on the placement start day. Here is a map of the Thórsmörk and Goðaland area showing volunteer camps and bus stops.

Travel in South Iceland
Some of our volunteers choose travel in South Iceland ahead of the placements. Hvolsvöllur is the nearest town to Thórsmörk and is about 108km east of Reykjavik on Highway 1. It is relatively simple to get to by bus and several companies operate services in the summer months. Iceland’s public bus network, Strætó has the most options (See routes number 51 and 52).

Final details’ email for volunteers
We will send out a final details email about 4-weeks before the start of the placements. We recommend that participants do not buy bus tickets until they receive their final details email.

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