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11, Food at our camps


Food is provided throughout the placements including weekends and days off. Vegetarian/vegan food is available and special dietary requirements can be catered for, but it is important to let us know ahead of the start of your placement as food is often organised and delivered in advance.

Cooking and cleaning – Our volunteers take part in meal preparation and all other domestic tasks. A weekly rota is used to organise and share these tasks. Cooking facilities are basic but include gas burners and a charcoal grill. We use local Icelandic produce where possible and fresh food and supplies are delivered to the camps each week.

Food on long-range projects – If our teams venture out for projects away from our established camps, simple light weight hiking food is used. Meals are planned in advance and the food is packed and carried out by the volunteers.

Food during the hiking week (6 and 8-week placements) – Light weight/quick cooking food and camping stoves are provided.

An average day – Our work days usually start with a breakfast of porridge or cereal with plenty of tea and coffee. The teams prepare lunch and food for breaks and take it with them to the work sites. This includes sandwiches, fruit and biscuits as well as hot drinks. The teams have their main meal together in the evenings at around 19:00. Usually meat and fish are on the menu about 3 or 4 times each week, but vegetarian/vegan alternatives are always available.

Food at weekends – Food is provided on weekends and days off. Although the weekends are more relaxed than work days, meals and domestic tasks are still organised by the teams. Breakfast runs later and volunteers have the option of lunch at the camps of taking a packed lunch if they are going hiking.

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