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10, Facilities at our camps

Our volunteers stay in tents throughout their placements at the volunteer camps at Langidalur and Básar. Please carefully read the Equipment and clothing guide provided.

Our 3-week teams stay at the Langidalur volunteer camp 
Established in 2013, Langidalur is our main camp and has facilities which include a covered kitchen area, a tent where the group eats together, a hot water system, a tool store, outdoor clothes drying lines and a small heated drying room. We also have a small timber hut used by the team as a shelter during the evenings and during free time. The Langidalur camp has a view of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier and on warm sunny days meals are often eaten outside. The camp is coordinated with The Icelandic Touring Association (Ferðafélag Íslands) who operate the tourist hut and campsite at Langidalur. Toilets and showers are located at the campsite.

Our 6-week teams stay at the Básar volunteer camp
2.5km away from Langidalur is our second camp in the forest at Básar in Goðaland. The volunteer camp is smaller than the one at Langidalur and the basic facilities include a group tent for cooking and an additional tent where the group eats together. The camp is coordinated with the Útivist Touring Association who operate the tourist hut and campsite at Básar. Our volunteers have access to the toilets and showers at the campsite.

Long-range / wilderness projects
Our trail maintenance work sometimes takes us to sites far from the established volunteer camps at Langidalur and Básar. To save time, our teams establish temporary wilderness camps so that they can stay close to the remote worksites for a few days. At these wilderness camps there are no facilities, and all equipment, tools and food are carried by our teams. Wilderness camp locations are chosen for their sheltered position and access to fresh water.

Tree planting projects (included in 6 and 8-week placements)
The tree planting projects included in our programme take place outside the Thórsmörk area on sites across south Iceland. Indoor accommodation and cooking facilities are provided at our Forestry Stations during these projects.

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