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04, Communication, postal and emergency contact details

Communications in Thórsmörk
Phone reception is generally good at our campsites and throughout the Thórsmörk area with the exception of a few places that are overshadowed by mountains. During the placements, volunteers can be contacted via the volunteer coordinator (00 354) 618 1792. We do not have access to WIFI at our camps but it is available at Húsadalur Volcano Huts (about 2km away) if necessary.

Buying an Icelandic SIM card
Icelandic SIM cards are available at Keflavik Airport at Elko electrical store and the 10-11 food store in arrivals. Information about Vodafone and Síminn prepaid SIM cards.

Emergency contact numbers
There are 3 emergency numbers in case someone needs to contact you during the placement.
In an emergency, these numbers can be used any time, day or night.

1, The Langidalur volunteer camp:  Chas Goemans (00 354) 618 1792
2, The Ferðafélag Íslands wardens’ hut at the Langidalur: (00 354) 893 1191
3, Iceland Forestry Service Director, Hreinn Óskarsson: (00 354) 899 1971

Postal address
There is no direct postal service in Thórsmörk and we use the Icelandic Forest Service regional office in Selfoss for mail. Mail is usually brought to the camps each week.

Trailteam Volunteers,
Iceland Forest Service (Skógræktin),
Austurvegi 3-5,
IS-800 Selfoss

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