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Team organisation and structure

iceland_road_sign_e06-51-svgDuring the summer months, our work projects cover four areas. We have teams based at permanent camps Langidalur (Thórsmörk) and Básar (Goðaland) as well as a team working on long-range projects and staying at wilderness camps in the area. Our fourth project is our Highland trail team which works on the Laugavegur hiking trail and is based at Hvanngil.



based in three locations as well as a series of wilderness projects.and our volunteers move between these locations during their placements. As well as projects at our teams work on sites along the Laugavegur hiking trail (based at Hvanngil)  there is a long at wilderness camps -range team . Highland team at Hvanngil.


Participants move between the camps during their placements, joining projects for one or two weeks.   in  so that they can experience a variety of work and have an opportunity to explore the area. The total number of volunteers in ouris usually 20-25 during the summer months (June – August).

Our home team operates the Langidalur base-camp and manages projects throughout T and

Our Highland Trail team is based at Hvanngil and works on

More about facilities at our camps.

Programme and group size – We host 20-25 volunteers in our programme throughout the summer months and they are usually divided into four teams. Teams based at the Langidalur (Thórsmörk) and Básar (Goðaland) camps, a team will be out at one of the long-range camps and there will bea Highland team at the Hvanngil camp.

Work times and distance to sites – Our teams usually work from Monday – Friday (09:00-18:00) although flexibility is required occasionally work madays are reorganised when we are joined by local volunteers for special weekend projects. .

Distance to worksites – It usually takes 15 – 45 minutes to walk from our camps to the worksites but in some cases it can be up to one hour (1-4km). Our work plan has to be flexible due to the nature of the tasks and Icelandic weather conditions. When away from the camp area, teams take food with them for lunch (13:00) and there are coffee breaks in the morning and afternoon. The teams return to their camps by around 18:00.

Weekends – Arrival and departure days are scheduled on weekends. During the placements weekends are free and participants can make their own plans. On Friday evening all the volunteers gather for a meal together at the Langidalur base-camp. Teams return to their project location on Sunday and prepare or the following week.

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