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Trailteam group arriving 23/07

A free group ticket has been provided by Reykjavik Excursions for the 08:00 bus on 23/07. Volunteers may join this bus or make their own travel arrangements if they prefer. If you would like to be added to the group ticket, please send us an email:

The bus group should meet at the Reykjavik BSÍ Coach Terminal at 07:30 in the main passenger waiting area (under the clock). We will make arrangements to email the group ticket voucher to one of the team.

At the end of the placement, volunteers will be able to catch the bus back to Reykjavik on their finish date (05/08 for 2-week placement volunteers). We intend to use the early bus which arrives back in Reykjavik at 11:05 but there is a possibility of delay which could result in arriving back in Reykjavik later on the placement finish day.

Please add your messages and comments below…

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  1. Leaving today… ferry – car – plane – bus 🙂 See you all next week!

    July 16, 2017
    • Yulia Shutova #

      Have a safe trip! and see you soon 🙂

      July 17, 2017
  2. Richard Clayton #

    Hi, everybody my name is Richard from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the UK
    I’ll arrive in Reykjavik July 22nd at 15:10 and fly home August 6th at 07:45. I’ve booked accommodation in Reykjavik at a hostel called B47, which is not too far from the Bus terminal about a 15 min walk according to Google maps.

    Planning to spend my time in Reykjavik just walking about and see the sights. Wouldn’t mind going to see the statue “Voyages” in Vik, if time allows, How is everyone planning on spending there free time?

    Looking forward to meeting you all in July.

    May 15, 2017
  3. Hi Mike,I don’t know if DeSantis makes a Nemesis for the LC9 yet, but I’m sure they will. I’ve never had any problems with sweat, but obviously being out in the rain the gun can get wet as in any holster. The holster does not ruin, tear, or damage your pants.Give them a call at: (800) 424-1236. I’m sure they would be happy to help you out with a LC9 hoetalr.-Richsrd

    May 9, 2017
  4. Anonymous #

    Hi I’m Penny from England and I’ll be joining on 23rd July. Iceland has been a regular holiday destination for me since 1985, so yes you guessed it I’m old! At the end of the 2 weeks my husband will join me and we will walk on to Landmannalaugar together, and fly home on 9th August. Looking forward to meeting you all.

    May 6, 2017
  5. is anyone considering/interested in hiking to Skógar, the Fimmvörðuháls, after the end of the placement? I’m looking at it and it looks like it would fit my travelschedule 🙂

    March 27, 2017
    • Kristina Beiter #

      Hello! I’m actually joining the team starting on the 13th of August, but I’ll already be in Iceland from the 6th. I was also considering going for a longer hike around that time 😀 let me know if you’re still interested.

      / Kristina

      June 7, 2017
      • Hi Kristina, my plan is to walk from Thórsmörk to Skógar at the end of my placement at the 6th and be back in Reykjavik on the 8th so I can cath my plane home 🙂 You could hike from Landmannalaugar to Thórsmörk, seems like you got enough time.

        June 9, 2017
  6. Anonymous #

    Hello! I’m Yulia from St. Petersburg. Originally I am Russian, but I spent some beautiful years living abroad — mostly in Sweden, Germany and Italy.I am in love with nordic nature, and probably it’s one of the main reasons why I am looking so much forward to be a part of the Trailteam.

    Apart from my work at office I enjoy outdoor activities, dancing flamenco and making a Roman mosaic.

    I take a flight from Helsinki early morning on July 22th, and I expect to arrive in Reykjavik around 4 p.m. My plan is to visit Grotta Lighthouse and to walk a bit around the city. Please let me know if you’d like to join:)

    Bestu kveðjur :))

    March 9, 2017
    • Hi, my name is Pippa, I am from New Zealand but currently living in London. I’ll be flying to Reykjavik on Saturday July 22nd at 11pm and flying out on Monday 7th. Would love to join anyone to explore the area. (The Grotto Light house looks very cool, unfortunately I wont be there to join you on July 22 Yulia.)

      I am also just looking at booking accommodation probably a hostel or camping soon. If anyone is looking at booking accommodation in Reykjavik too would be great to coordinate and stay in the same place. Let me know if you’d like to join?

      I look forward to meeting you all in Iceland!

      May 2, 2017
      • Hello, Pippa;

        Have you alreday booked a hostel ? I am staying at Kex. Unfortunately, I have not seen your message earlier, but I’d be glad to meet up anyway.

        July 10, 2017
    • Ashley Sudds #

      I would be interested in joining you on the 22nd! 🙂

      June 27, 2017
      • Anonymous #

        Hello, Ashley!

        Sure! Let’s meet up on the 22nd! Have you already booked a place to stay?
        I am staying at Kex Hostel. Seems like it is not that far from the city center.

        July 10, 2017
        • Ashley Sudds #

          I am staying with a friend of a friend but I believe they live either in the city center or close to it. I will have my cell on me so you can try calling 1-604-723-6741. I arrive at 6am on the 22nd so maybe we can plan to meet up in the evening. You can message me on Facebook too – I’m Ashley Sudds (should be a picture of me on a horse and my cover photo is a kayak in a lake).

          July 10, 2017
  7. Marco Mosterman #

    Hi! I’m Marco, I’ll be traveling from Amsterdam on Sunday the 16th of July and arrive on Iceland at about 23:30. I’m planning to stay in Reykjavik on Monday and on Tuesday I’m taking the bus to Landmannalaugar and from there I’m going to walk the Laugarvegurinn to Thorsmork where I’ll arrive at Saturday-isch. My flight back is on Tuesday the 8th at 16:15. Looking forward to meet you all!

    March 9, 2017
    • Hi Marco, I will ask our friends at Landmannalaugar about free camping and send you a message 🙂

      March 9, 2017
      • Marco Mosterman #


        March 10, 2017
  8. Ashley Sudds #

    Hi! My name is Ashley, I will be coming from Kamloops, BC Canada to volunteer July 23-August 5. I arrive in Reykjavik July 22nd and fly home August 6th. I arrive at 6am on July 22nd and I am staying with a friend of a friend so I might be able to meet up with some people that evening OR hangout the evening of August 5th in Reykjavik as my flight doesn’t leave until 17;15 on August 6th. Thanks, excited to meet you all!

    March 8, 2017

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