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Trailteam group arriving 04/06

A free group ticket has been provided by Reykjavik Excursions for the 08:00 bus on 04/06. Volunteers may join this bus or make their own travel arrangements if they prefer. If you would like to be added to the group ticket, please send us an email:

The bus group should meet at the Reykjavik BSÍ Coach Terminal at 07:30 in the main passenger waiting area (under the clock). We will make arrangements to email the group ticket voucher to one of the team.

At the end of the placement, volunteers will be able to catch the bus back to Reykjavik on their finish date (17/06 for 2-week placement volunteers). We intend to use the early bus which arrives back in Reykjavik at 11:05 but there is a possibility of delay which could result in arriving back in Reykjavik later on the placement finish day.

Please add your messages and comments below…

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  1. Sarah Livingstone #

    Hi all,

    Hope you are all well. Thought I’d kick this off as it is now, somehow, the middle of May…

    I’m Sarah, coming from Scotland for 2 weeks. Never been to Iceland before so looking forward to it as I’ve heard lots of good things..

    If anyone wants to meet in Reykjavik before we start that would be good. I arrive on the 2nd so have a bit of time to explore. Otherwise, see you all on the bus or at the camp!


    May 16, 2017
  2. Stella #

    Hey guys,
    My name is Stella. I’m German but recently moved to Scotland for my studies.
    I’m really excited to meet the team and (as a Geology major especially) to see Iceland. I will arrive on the 1st and I would also love to meet up before the placement starts.
    Where is everyone staying in Reykjavik?


    May 19, 2017

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