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05, Expenses during the placements

Iceland is well known as an expensive country for visitors and one of the most common questions we hear from our volunteers is about how much money they might need to bring with them to their placement. Once our volunteers join us in Thórsmörk, there is really very little to spend money on as all food and hosting facilities are provided and there is no participation fee. If our volunteers do require any extras, there are two campsite shops and a restaurant nearby.

Shops and restaurant 
There are small shops at both Langidalur and Básar campsites that sell basic supplies for guests including camping meals, postcards, soda, snacks and chocolate. The shop at Langidalur also sells beer and wine. The campsite shops are focused on the main tourist season (June, July and August) and services may be reduced or unavailable outside the summer months. There is also a restaurant at Húsadalur Volcano Huts (about 2km away) where our volunteers often go for coffee and to catch up with wifi access. The local organisations are very supportive of our work and special discounts are often available for our volunteers.

Expenses during hiking week
Food and transport are provided for volunteers joining our hike from Landannalaugar. Camping stoves and fuel are also available.

Access to cash machines
There are no cash machines in the Thórsmörk area and the nearest one is at Hvolsvöllur, which is about 52km away. Debit and visa cards can be used in the campsite shops and at the Húsadalur restaurant.

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