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Don’t miss your chance… Placement allocations now well underway


Thank you to everyone who has been in contact with us about the new Wilderness Management project planned for this summer. We have been overwhelmed by all the interest and we are now busy going through all the applications and selecting the teams.

The applicants who make it to the short list are offered a Skype interview to answer a few additional questions and talk about the various aspects of the placement (importantly – to make sure they have found a project that is right for them). Once these interviews have been completed we are able to make our placement offers. It is very important that everyone has all the information they need and knows exactly what they are signing up for!

If you are thinking about joining us, we recommend that you send your application in as soon as possible so as not to miss the chance of a place. There are a limited number of places available and they are being allocated daily. We will focus on interviews during the next two weeks.

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